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Still up!

trainphreak Admin posted May 4, 17

The DNS is back in business and you can connect using again!

The server is still up! We're just having DNS troubles.

You can reach the server at 55.1222

Edit June 2: Yay Comcast..... DNS should be back soon, use in the meantime.

Edit June 30: New modem. Comcast still sucks.

Edit October 30: Router reset. New IP:

paladin8334 Moderator$T1$T2Judge Good good good. When do you think the Grid will update so we can use the new tile blocks?

Internet troubles

trainphreak Admin posted Oct 30, 16

UPATE 2: Comcast thought they would be clever by adding their own firewall to their cable modem. It's been disabled. New IP is 55.1222. Subdomain should update within an hour.

UPDATE: Server is back up! Seems the cable modem was the culprit. We contacted our ISP and got ourselves a new one, however our external IP has changed once again. If you can't connect with, try directly connecting to 1073.31.6   - Nomizak

Sorry, everyone!

It looks like Nom and Kitty have lost internet service for the moment, so the server is down until their ISP gets them working again. Hopefully it will be soon!

minerhp Architect the server is still up and running! - IP
FelixOF $T1Architect Hey, what exactly happened to the server? I haven't logged on in months and I'm really sad to see that it seem...
cKai $T1Architect I can't either

Server Status

Nomizak aOwner posted Sep 29, 16

UPDATE: Server is up and running now! If you're still having trouble, you connect directly to my IP address: 7.2.24

Sorry the server's down folks! I'll get it back up and running as soon as I'm off work, which should be in about 3 hours from now. Thanks!

Connecting to the server

imarki360 aAdmin posted Sep 9, 16

Well, that was quick! Its a workin again! You can connect as normal using ""

Seems the DNS is down (again).

If you need to stop that minecraft itch, then use the direct IP address:

I have also made "" point to Nom's Server, which you may use as well.

Hopefully, "" will be working again shortly.

Hey guys,

We installed a new Heads plugin called Heads Inventory! With this, you can search through a database of over 60,000 heads! You can thanks Natsucchi, Alexizz and Minethor for recommending this plugin!

Here are the list of commands:

/headsinv category <name> - Display heads from a category
/headsinv category all - Displays all heads from categories
/headsinv cat - Displays all categories
/headsinv search <keyword> - Display heads from keyword
/headsinv searchfirst <keyword> - First head from keyword
/playerhead <playername> - Gives you the head of a player
/myhead - Gives you your head
/updateheads - Refetches and recaches the categorized heads
/updateheads <categoryname> - Refetches and recaches the heads from the specified category

Piggyfacepork Architect Ooooo! :d FINALY a search function for heads!! XDD Thanks nom! :d
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